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Lanterna – 2015

A wearable piece of art by John Kørner for Stine Goya, Autumn Winter 2015.

Stine Goya X Kørner

Introducing A wearable piece of art,
crafted in 60 unique editions

A mutual fascination with colours and the magic they create when combined in new ways was the starting point of an innovative and unique collaboration between designer Stine Goya and artist John Kørner. Building upon an earlier print collaboration for Goya’s Autumn Winter 2015 collection, the two creatives extend their cooperation this season with unique art pieces in glass.

Designed to encircle the neck, the asymmetrical, hand-crafted glass design gently flows towards the collar bone; The bulbous ends lend an organic feeling to the piece, which can be worn as statement art jewellery or showcased in the home as one-of-a-kind artwork.

Available in two colour versions – silver and pastel, and silver, burgundy and black – the fragility of the glass is balanced with the density of its form to create unpredictable and striking shades that merge beautifully together.

“It has been a unique process to be a part of, and exciting to make a more profound step towards mixing art and fashion. John’s work with glass has been fascinating to watch: It’s a fragile material which he has managed to merge in to a form with substance and sensibility,” says Stine Goya on the collaboration.

Joining forces with a renowned artist is no news to the Danish fashion house: Creative partnerships have been an integral part of Stine Goya’s brand identity since the very beginning.

John Kørner entered the collaboration with a fascination and respect for Stine Goya’s universe and the brand’s innate understanding of colour: “When Stine approached me, I was intrigued by the idea of creating a piece that could be hung on the human body: an unfixed, free-hanging adornment, perfectly assimilated with the wearer’s body. It is women with courage that will wear LANTERNA – it must be worn with your head held high,” notes John Kørner.

LANTERNA is available in a limited edition of 60 unique pieces at the Stine Goya flagship store in Cph and Århus, Holly Golightly, Støy Munkholm and Nørgaard på Strøget.

Each piece is individually numbered and signed.

Photo: Casper Sejersen
Model: Agnete Hegelund 2pm
Graphic design: Designbolaget